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Techdew Chennai Full Time
Posted:05 Oct 2017Stipend

Interaction Designer

UXD Jobs Chennai Full Time
Posted:05 Oct 2017Stipend

Open Source Developer Trainee

UXD Jobs Chennai Full Time
Posted:05 Oct 2017Stipend

Digital Marketing Trainee

Techdew UX Design & Consulting Private Limited Chennai,Tuticorin Full Time
Posted:30 Oct 2017Stipend

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Scholarships For Students Pursuing UG Programs From Disadvantaged Sections Of The Society
In 2011, 100 years after IISc admitted its first batch of students in 1911, the Institute began offering a unique 4-year Bachelor of Science (Research) programme. This undergraduate programme is carefully designed to offer specialization in a science subject, but the knowledge imparted carries a strong interdisciplinary flavour, including courses in the engineering and humanities streams. The programme receives more than 10,000 applications each year. Some of the brightest students in the country are selected through rigorous entrance exams such as the Joint Entrance Examination and the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. Of the first batch of students who graduated in July 2015, nearly 30 students have taken up competitive PhD positions in prestigious international universities. Through this fund, IISc plans to provide scholarship support to those who are from disadvantaged sections of the society, who come to IISc from all over the country, including far-flung regions such as the Northeast.