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Techdew chennai Full Time
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UXD Jobs Chennai Full Time
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Techdew Delhi Full Time
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Arts In Education - Making Happy Classrooms. Empowering Teachers To Create A Joyful Learning Experience For Children.
According to several studies, our schooling system faces a very high number of drop-outs, a huge population of out of school children, wide disparities in classrooms and significant learning gaps in primary level. Nationally, 29% of children drop out before completing five years of primary school. In the absence of an engaging curriculum, children from marginalized background are deprived of a joyful learning experience. NalandaWay uses the power of arts in significantly improving the engagement levels of children in the classroom, encourages self expression and stimulates their imagination. Our Arts In Education program trains teachers to expand the creativity of students, helps them connect better with students thereby reducing absenteeism and drop out rates. The AIE program is delivered by the primary school teachers within the school working hours. NalandaWay provides a structured training & orientation to teachers in changing their roles to student-centric facilitators. Each session will be for a duration of 75-90 minutes and the sessions are held once a week. Twenty sessions are planned in a year. Students are divided into small groups of 5 and they complete the exercises under the guidance of teachers. The learning outcome of every session is reinforced by the teachers. A NalandaWay Project Associate is mapped to ten schools. He/She provides the ongoing Mentoring to teachers and monitors the conduct of the sessions. The Baseline, Midline and Endline Surveys quantitatively measure the impact of the program and its outcomes. Necessary course corrections are identified from the analyses and implemented on an ongoing basis.