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The CII Model Career Centre intends to provide career counselling, skill training, assessment and placement services to any registered beneficiary. CII with the approval from The Directorate General of Training & Employment (DGE&T), Ministry of Labour and Employment has set up 3 Model Career Centres in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Chennai. The expected impact is 15,000-20,000 youth per MCC per year. These youth will be students from schools & colleges as well as job seekers. The MCC will hire specialist Career Counsellors with robust background knowledge of the demands of the industry and who are able to assess the skill gaps in beneficiaries and give career counselling.


CII has been publishing the India Skills Report. Over 3 lac students across 29 States are assessed in 244 domain areas and skill gaps are validated using Talent assessment tools. From the demand side, over 125 corporate entities were covered.

This report depicts how the students rank in terms of skills that would be imperative to judge their employability. The 2nd India Skills Report 2015 found that only 37.2% of the total candidates assessed were found to be employable and lacked several essential skill sets. It also highlighted the fact if India truly wishes to reap the benefits of the demographic dividend, both the supply and demand side would need to make sincere efforts and matchmaking between both ends would be vital to get the best results.

Understanding the needs of the Industry as well as the conclusions of the India Skills Reports, CII identified 4 aspects needing attention on a high priority:

  • Counselling &

    The candidate must understand his strengths, weaknesses and his employability factor and what he must do to ensure his increase employability

  • Technical

    Enhance existing skill sets that the employer demands.

  • Soft Skill

    Essential modules that increase employability manifold, such as cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, interpersonal skills, managing people, leadership, etc.

  • Placement

    It is very important that the candidate finds the job that suits his/her aptitude, cognitive abilities and technical proficiency. The right matchmaking addresses the issue of attrition.

Leadership model for “Industry – Career Centre collaboration” for:

Enhancing employability of and entrepreneurship in youth
Upgradation of skills of existing workforce
Mainstreaming informal skills
Meeting the emerging skill needs of the industry
  • stage 1

    Youth Register
    at the MCCs
  • stage 2

    Online Assessment at
    MCC (Wheebox)
  • stage 3

    Counselling at
  • stage 4

    Skilling (Accredited
    Vocational Training
    Providers selected by CII)
  • stage 5

    (by Wheebox)
  • stage 6

    Placement Facilitation
    (CII-PeopleStrong) &
    Job Fairs
  • stage 7

    Mapping Career
Registration on National Portal for job search & ID card
Mapping student’s competency to employer’s requirement parameters
Upgrading requisite skills
Linking counselled, trained, pre-screened & employable candidates to the industry
Cost effective placement drives for Academic Institutions
Facilitation centre for Apprenticeship program

Differently abled individuals often have a hard time getting decent jobs because some view them incapacitated to work. Constituting just 1% of the workforce, the area requires a specific focus by creating opportunities and strengthen them byhandholding them to progress from support specific roles to higher positions in operations including leadership. The section requires a sustained focus on training and development which can be initiated through bringing in the concept of Diversity and Inclusion. Similarly, empowering the deprived community and meticulously connecting them with corporates/industries creating a mutual win-win outcome, should be the vision. The CII Model Career Centre stands in for both enabling the differently abled and supporting the deprived community by handholding and connecting them with the best opportunities as per their desire and eligibility.

The Centre also focuses on various programs benefiting students, Entrepreneurs, Job seekers of the SC/ST community.