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Confederation of Indian Industry has been at the helm of building and projecting the brand of Indian Industry. CII, in principle, is proactive in compassing and supporting industries by facilitating various initiatives to strengthen the critical growth factors of the industry and the national economy. In order to create a conducive and sustainable business environment by improving the quality of the society, which is very important to CII, we chose and acted by recommending conscious business practices to the industries.

Development Initiatives have come up with single point solution for CSR, AA and Education & Skills through online portals for each. This has been done to address all the queries and needs at one point, also providing necessary suggestions and options for further expanding the network along with it.

We embrace distributed platforms to reach a large global audience and we take pride in creating a social environment. We invite you to access resources for advertisers and authors, and get in touch with our team! Read More...

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Confederation of Indian Industry, Southern Region Head Quarters, prof C K Prahalad Centre, 98/1, Velachery Main Road, Guindy, Chennai - 600 032.